Snow Cannon Games


Snow Cannon Games video game publisher: Our choice clients is not your average independent video game publisher: our choice clients are those whose work does not necessarily conform to mainstream interests, yet oozes with creativity and fun factor. We are committed to helping these underserved voices reach broader audiences and build financially successful titles—a commitment made possible by the extensive experience and network of our stellar team of industry veterans.



We are an agile and passionate video game studio based in Mexico City with 4 years of experience creating games, and more than 8 years working on media. We enjoy every single project, be they Advergames or IPs, and with more than 12 games published we are working now in our biggest project for consoles and desktop.

Fat Panda


We are video game studio based in Yucatán (México) with a strong focus on creating high quality games with very distinctive aesthetics. We can be very versatile, working on our own IPs, but also advergames, simulators and other interactive media. Our first project was Ghost Apocalypse, currently available for iOS, and our second and third projects are Flat Kingdom and Lobo with Shotguns, planned to be released along this year, on Steam for PC and Mac!

Games Starter


Games Starter is the first publisher and incubator company specializing in the independent video game industry in Mexico. Its focus relies on supporting video game developers and help them to establish the foundations needed to start a profitable video game business. For this, the publisher also works as an incubator, providing advice for the development of the business structure and help refine the product over the development process until launch. Games Starter seeks to create an ecosystem in the games industry and provides capital to launch projects with enough quality to achieve success in the global market.

Pink Noise


Pink Noise is focused on Game Localization since 1999. With 2 production centers in Spain and México, Pink Noise helps game developers, distributors and publishers reach new markets. If you played a localized game in the last two decades, there is a good chance we were somehow involved in the translation and audio recording.



Hardscore Games is a mobile games startup, founded 2012 in Berlin, Germany. We have a team of 11 avid gamers working at our office in Kreuzberg.

Our mission is to challenge the status quo of mobile gaming by building 3D mobile games for passionate gamers and eventually change people’s perception of mobile as a casual platform.



Fire Horse Studio is a new company composed of experienced game designers, each specialist in one area. We currently have a small in-house team that consists of three people: Allan Smith as the programmer, Danilo Franco as 2D artist and Fernando Colombo as 3D artist.

We develop games mostly for mobile and web platforms, and have experience with both educational, training and promotional use of games. Our philosophy is that when we can make the user have fun, they will remember where they played the game, about what the game was and most importantly, who brought the game to him. We have seen with our previous jobs that games can increase exponentialy the effect of an advertisement campaign and the absorption of content the user has interacting with it, making games a great educational tool.



Movytouch is a partenrship between Teletouch Mexico and Movyl Entertainment, founded in 2014 with the goal of creating high quality content for Latin America and beyond. Movytouch’s talented team are directed by two veterans of the USA video game industry, Giancarlo Mori and Troy Dunniway.

Our passionate team is based in Mexico City and are hard at work creating enjoyable and distinctive games.


Reload game studio

Founded by game designers, reload game studio, whose main characteristic is to design a project that allows changes throughout its construction. Thereby providing greater freedom in the areas of code and art. as result we can have a quality project with a shorter development time. our mission is to rescue the magic we found in classic games that were lost among the advances of technology, without ignoring or failing to take advantage of these technological advances in a positive way.


Alapar play

Alaparplay arises from the passion for creating video games with a strong identity and fun gameplay. It is currently developing games for ios and android.


Glitchy Pixel

Hello everyone, so we are two people who love to make Games and also interactive projects. Our names are Italo Capasso and Diana Pacheco and we are located both in Bogotá, Colombia.

We also work from time to time with other artists in small group projects. We usually want to make highly interactive projects, involving all kinds of crazy ideas that artists have.

Every time we have something finished we will post it here in our web page (and of course sell it if we can n_n), so stay tuned… oh, so much to do, so little time… <(n_n)>



“La Cosa Entertaiment” is formed by a group of developers specialized on design services and videogame production.It was founded in 2012 after the success with the award for excellence in the “Square-Enix Latin Contest 2012” for Klaus.To develop solutions for gaming in several markets, generating fun, entertainment and a new way of commercialization and learning.



We are a young software development team, we create video games and digital entertainment applications. Our goal is to make expressive, functional and quality games for various platforms. We are committed to quality and creativity, as we believe are the main ingredients to create unforgettable experiences as a differentiator for our products.