We are a dedicated and experienced team whose main goal is to help you achieve the best quality for your product.



We adapt to your project, tools and budget, never the other way around. Our personnel is experienced and happy to work with you whenever you need it. We can easily adapt to urgent requests in 24hrs or less.


We can get in touch in any way you want. Whether it’s email, Skype, phone calls, SMS, Hangouts (anything you want!), we assure a fast and seamless communication that will allow your team and our QA lead to solve issues as fast as possible. Our team can provide daily, weekly or monthly reports that include exactly what you need.



Our team is truly passionate about videogames. Besides being actively involved in the gaming industry, our free time is all about games. From pen and paper RPGs to mobile, console and PC releases. We pour all that love for videogames into every project we are handed.


– We can exchange NDAs while we get to know each other, understand your product and settle requirements so we can put together the best proposal for you.

– Once the proposal has been accepted, we will perform a preliminary tests and iron out any details in our next meeting.

–  Then we proceed to the main testing phase, where we find any bug that is likely to hinder the user experience or game quality and report it to you convenience.

–  Once your team uses our feedback to solve the spotted issues, we test the new build to ensure it has no bugs in it. We repeat this process until your product’s best quality is assured.

– You can count on us on every update or product you’re planning to release!