Whether it will be from English to German, or Italian to Portuguese by way of Japanese, Game Breakers will make sure your project reaches audiences from all around the Globe!


From the feelings to nuances in dialog to the precise terms within the Interface, we make sure people far away don’t miss out on the action. Our team knows idioms, slang and the appropriate terms not to sound too silly or too rigid to tap into other markets with the appropriate language.

We know the way gamers talk in different countries and implement it into your project!


Making your trailer? Make sure the hype reaches everywhere! We’ll take care of subtitles so everyone can understand why they must play your game!

If you’ve got a cutscene with dialog that need subtitling, send it over and we’ll take care of it.


Already wrote the game in a language that isn’t your own? Hand it to us for Proofreading, we shall endeavor make it flawless.

Our team will proofread efficiently in both time and cost, and assure your project will be ready to hit the market!


At Game Breaker offer translation services for the Standard English, French, Italian, German, and Spanish (EFIGS). In additional we offer translation services for:

English(US,UK,AU)     French

Spanish   ��   �� ��   ��         Portuguese

Russian                       Swedish

Finnish                        Italian

German                       Japanese

Mandarin Chinese    Korean